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A new family member

Yes, we have added Jinsu to our family. He is a 2 yr old Cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle cross). Black with tight curls and a ball of energy. 🙂 He has fit in very quickly and is happy to be loved. We adopted him through the Homeward Bound Rescue. What a great way to give a […]

Free Thinking Friday! 5-23 edition

For Facebook users…Nate posting here! I’ll have to figure out a better way to translate who is writing via RSS. OK. So my weekly posting of cool, mostly design-centered, links is not so weekly, but here’s some fun links to waste some time this Friday (I mean…inspire your creative mind). __Cool Photos__ The lightning from […]

Whalan Stand Still Parade 2008

After about 4 ½ hours of non-stop dancing at Connie and Dave’s wedding Friday (congrats!) we headed south to Whalan, MN, pop. 64, for a bit of silliness and Norwegian small-town fun at the 2008 Whalan Stand Still Parade. Yes, every year on Syttende Mai (Norway’s 4th of July, pronounced Setten de my), a festival […]

2 weeks

I can’t believe that its been 2 weeks since we moved in. It feels like so much longer, but at the same time like it was just yesterday. We are really enjoying making the house ours and getting to know the yard as well. The colors we put on the walls looks great (thanks for […]

Loving it!

Wow! It has been quite a week so far.  It’s only Thursday and we have gotten a lot done.  But our list keeps growing. lol. Thanks to everyone who helped us move on Monday!  With 9 vehicles and 15 people it went fast and smoothly.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Since then we […]

Monday is coming very quickly!

Hi everyone! Time is moving quickly, and we are down to 4 days till closing. 🙂 Our apartment is a mess, boxes, both filled and unfilled, scattered everywhere. But the craziness is all a part of moving.  And I suppose I can deal with it for a few more days. lol. Our address will soon […]

3 weeks!

The time is coming quickly.  We can’t wait. It is time to leave Minneapolis and join the community in St. Anthony.  We are currently picturing our home with its new paint colors, and our stuff in it.  A large backyard with lots of people surrounding a fire pit.  A Christmas tree in the front window […]