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Free Thinking Friday! 5-23 edition

For Facebook users…Nate posting here! I’ll have to figure out a better way to translate who is writing via RSS. OK. So my weekly posting of cool, mostly design-centered, links is not so weekly, but here’s some fun links to waste some time this Friday (I mean…inspire your creative mind). __Cool Photos__ The lightning from […]

Whalan Stand Still Parade 2008

After about 4 ½ hours of non-stop dancing at Connie and Dave’s wedding Friday (congrats!) we headed south to Whalan, MN, pop. 64, for a bit of silliness and Norwegian small-town fun at the 2008 Whalan Stand Still Parade. Yes, every year on Syttende Mai (Norway’s 4th of July, pronounced Setten de my), a festival […]

Three documentaries worth your time

Nate here (for you Facebook viewers). I’ve seen a few videos recently that I think are really worth your time. Take the time you might dedicate to a DVD and check out one of these documentaries. Some of the facts in these about our future is mind blowing. And, it’s not political or too preachy […]

Introducing… FTF – Free Thinking Friday

So, we do a link share in my design department every week called Free Thinking Friday where we share any cool things we found that week. Since I know far too many blogs for my own good and use RSS to read them, I usually find quite a few design-based links. I’m going to start […]