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Three documentaries worth your time

Nate here (for you Facebook viewers). I’ve seen a few videos recently that I think are really worth your time.

Take the time you might dedicate to a DVD and check out one of these documentaries. Some of the facts in these about our future is mind blowing. And, it’s not political or too preachy (well, sort of).

First, two stories of our future on this planet.

First, Journey to Planet Earth with Matt Damon.
Yeah, yeah, cutie Matt Damon is a fun host, but the message is what is important. Essentially this series is warning of our possible upcoming extinction (it’s more real than you think) as well as positive things that are being done around the planet to offset and maintain our current habitats and ecosystems. Essentially the conundrum is how to balance economic sustainability and expansion with our planet.

I learned a lot of things, namely about where our resources come from. Lumber for our furniture still being cut in the Amazon rain forest, wood being grown for our paper in South Africa’s former prairies, and the wild birds captured in Singapore as our future pets. This and the consumption of China, which now has become the world’s largest consumer. Essentially it comes down to the largest powers, including the U.S. and its citizens, taking a stand to ask where their consumables comes from, how they are produced and finding solutions to help in a small way. That’s the small version. Politics wasn’t really brought into the episodes I’ve watched.

Politics is brought into the picture in Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard. I originally found this site because I heard it had some cool Flash video presentation. Being a Flash designer, I had some interest! However, the story is so understandable and I think it’s a great way to start understanding where you can fit in the equation of saving our earth.

My final recommendation for good, information in video form is from my favorite program, Frontline. The episode called, Bush’s War is viewable online. Essentially, this is a great review if you know the history of how the Iraq War came about or even if you thought you knew how it came about. This is just great journalism with all of the resources brought together in an understandable two-part, two-hour series. It’s riveting mostly in just how mad it makes me! I encourage you to at least become informed and this is not a boring program by any means. A quick preview: It’s all about Cheney!

That’s my two cents for a lazy day viewing. I’d love to hear your thoughts afterwards.

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