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Free Thinking Friday! 5-23 edition

For Facebook users…Nate posting here! I’ll have to figure out a better way to translate who is writing via RSS.

OK. So my weekly posting of cool, mostly design-centered, links is not so weekly, but here’s some fun links to waste some time this Friday (I mean…inspire your creative mind).

__Cool Photos__

__New Ideas__

  • FontStruct – Build a font online (I haven’t had time to mess with this, but it looks easier and still as powerful as any font building software)
  • Everybody loves pet anteatersMSNBC’s new RSS reader. Built in Flash. I like the idea, but it doesn’t let you put non-NBC stuff in and that just won’t do.
  • Fold-Ins, Past and Present. Not really a new idea, just a cool way to show these online.


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