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Monday is coming very quickly!

Hi everyone!

Time is moving quickly, and we are down to 4 days till closing. 🙂 Our apartment is a mess, boxes, both filled and unfilled, scattered everywhere. But the craziness is all a part of moving.  And I suppose I can deal with it for a few more days. lol.

Our address will soon be changing, and along with that so will our neighborhood.  We are sad to leave the fun, exciting, busy corner here in South Minneapolis, but we are excited to meet our neighbors and explore our new area.

I’ve talked to everyone that has contacted me about helping us move, if you are free on Monday the 28th and are around to help let us know. We will also be painting the first weekend of May. 🙂 I’m thankful for friends that are willing to help.

We will be busy these next 4 days, but hope to get out to a gathering Saturday night and a concert Sunday evening! Hopefully we will see some of you this weekend!

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