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Our Year in Cities

We’re not going to do a wrap-up of 2008, but here is our Kottke.org style run-down of our 2008 travels. It’s a little meager this year. These are all places we visited and/or stayed at least one night.

Minneapolis, MN
Rochester, MN
St. Anthony, MN
Los Angeles, CA
Dubuque, IA
Duluth, MN / Superior, WI
Independence, IA
Whalan, MN
Las Vegas, NV
Memphis, TN
San Diego, CA

Where did you visit in 2008? Post in the comments.

Travel hopes for 2009: Atlanta, Kansas City, Chicago, Waverly, Milwaukee, Coastal tour?

Well, here we are with only one more year before we get to the ‘teen years and I think it’s going to be a good one. On the horizon are graduate school, travel, home improvements, gardening attempts, and more friend meet-ups. Here’s to 2008 and on to 2009!

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One comment for “Our Year in Cities”

  1. Waverly, IA = Wartburg 5-year reunion ’09. W00t! (and I meant that in an excitement kind of way, b/c that’s what the word means). 😉

    Posted by Sara P | January 8, 2009, 10:18 pm

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